Sales Sysytems Development, Inc.™ Training Programs
Building Brands Through Distributors™

Sales Systems Development sample binder for Building Brands Training Program

Seminar Goals:

The broad-scale goals of the program are to develop and strengthen field managers’ capabilities to plan, organize, direct and control distributor or broker execution of marketing programs, and quality of support given to supplier brands in a market.

Specific Learning Objectives:

As a result of participating in the seminar, supplier field managers should be able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and in certain specific skill oriented areas, an initial level of competency as follows:

  1. Understand the four primary factors that garner distributor “share of mind” for a supplier.
  2. Achieve a greater awareness of trends in the wholesaler distribution industry.
  3. Be able to implement the “structured sales management processes,” or systems that permit effective, consistent planning and control of distributor retail and on-premise sales execution.
  4. Know the mutual rights and responsibilities in the distributor - supplier relationship.
  5. Define the primary mission and responsibilities of supplier representatives selling and merchandising brands through brokers and distributors.
  6. Be aware of the common mistakes made by supplier representatives in working with distributor and broker management.
  7. Establish the information supplier representatives need to know about market conditions and performance; to gain and maintain credibility; and to manage the process.
  8. Understand distributor portfolio management strategies and ideas on how resources could be more productively used.
  9. Gain an understanding of how distributors are organized and operate:
  10. Apply distributor and supplier market and brand share quadrant analysis as a basis of formulating market management strategies and tactics.
  11. Use the criteria for structuring objectives that specify distributor commitments and permit effective performance measurement.
  12. Know the preparation steps and activities necessary for an effective market visit.
  13. Be able to prepare and conduct an effective business review meeting with distributor and broker management.
  14. Know how to analyze the management systems used by brokers and distributors; and evaluate selling, merchandising and management competencies.


The program can be structured to be conducted in a time frame ranging from three to five days depending on he scope of topic areas and the depth of skill development activity desired by the client. A follow-up test is available for clients to use to check understanding and reinforce learning.

A few sample pages from the Building Brands Participant Workbook (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or better)