Sales Systems Development, Inc.™ Training Programs
“21st Century Key Account Selling”

Learning Goals:

The overall goals of the seminar are to increase understanding of the dynamics of major account retailing in the current economic environment; how the recession has affected consumer behavior; the goals and strategies being pursued now by accounts; and the current consumer centric applications of the category management processes. Key account sales presentation analytics, preparation and delivery techniques are also taught as well as how to achieve distribution and promotional sales objectives.

Specific Learning Objectives:

As a result of the program, participants should know and understand:

  1. The current dynamics of the chain retail environment to include:
  2. Retailer goals and strategies for food, drug, club and c-stores
  3. How major accounts are organized and operate — how to diagnose the customer
  4. Key account selling techniques
  5. Category management


The “21st Century Key Account Selling” training program can be designed in formats ranging from two to four days. In addition, the program can be customized to emphasize those trade classes of greatest significance to a given client.