Sales Systems Development, Inc.™ Training Programs
“Managing & Developing People”

Sales Systems Development sample binder for Managing and Developing People Training Program

Seminar Goals:

The program is structured to develop critical first level sales management skills in experienced supervisors or those who have had no formal management training. The management development program outlined is also directed toward middle and upper level sales management for the purpose of identifying the content, skills and disciplines that “managers of managers” should know, understand, and use to build supervisor level competencies as well as set forth responsibility for the performance of key field sale management functions.

Specific Learning Objectives:

As a result of participating in the seminar, supplier field managers should be able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and, in certain specific skill oriented areas be able to:

  1. Define the role of a manager, the common mistakes and critical people management skills.
  2. Review the purpose for management systems — structured processes and the critical success factors.
  3. Clarify the process and payout of building “core performers” — shifting the “performance curve” to the right.
  4. Understand the role of “employee engagement” in motivation and performance.
  5. Analyze the knowledge and skill levels of sales personnel and identify specific training needs.
  6. Be able to distinguish between a “training need” and a “performance problem.”
  7. Define and differentiate “result’s objectives” compared to “training (knowledge and skill, or behavioral) objectives.“
  8. Be able to establish specific, measurable training objectives that impact knowledge and skills.
  9. Develop and implement a defined work-with procedure for managers to follow when working with salespeople – applicable to on and off-premise as well as chain divisions.
  10. Learn field training and coaching process — effective feedback and critique process, and how to conduct performance/coaching discussions.
  11. Explain the differences between management and leadership.
  12. Define and explain leadership styles, how and when each is most effective.


The program can be conducted in a time frame ranging from two to five days depending on the scope of topic areas and the depth of skill development activity each client desires. A follow-up test is available for clients to use to check understanding and reinforce learning.

Topic Overview

  1. Building a “Top Performing Sales Organization” — Essential Management Systems, Structured Processes, and Critical Success Factors
  2. Sales Management Planning Process
  3. Driving performance through “Engagement”
  4. Effective new hire orientation and training processes
  5. The six-step “People Development Process”
  6. Coaching and feedback skills
  7. Leadership and team building

A few sample pages from the “Managing & Developing People” Participant Workbook (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or better)