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“Professional Negotiation Skills” Blended E-Learning Program

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Program Goals:

The overall goal is to develop and improve the skills of sales personnel in negotiating with customers, distributors and others for the purpose of increasing the return on investment on promotional and support dollars spent by the client in the market.

Specific Learning Objectives:

  1. Create an awareness of the important contribution effective negotiation skills can make to sales and profit results.
  2. Develop the ability to recognize common negotiating mistakes to avoid when dealing with customers or distributors.
  3. Identify the characteristics of an effective negotiator and generate an effective self-analysis of participant strengths and opportunities to improve.
  4. Establish the importance of negotiation goal setting prior to the quality of results achieved.
  5. Learn the role of concessions in negotiation and how to productively offer and seek concessions from the other party.
  6. Understand the clear distinction between negotiation and selling, and how to handle each dimension on a sales call or in a distributor meeting.
  7. Learn how to identify, counter and use seven fundamental negotiation tactics with customers or distributors.
  8. Have participants be able to recognize their own approach (mode) to negotiation situations as well as that of the other party.
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“Professional Negotiation Skills” is a blended e-learning program with an accompanying workbook (workbook is provided as an Adobe Acrobat file downloaded from the training site). The program is divided into five modules and four tests. The program also includes case studies, a questionnaire and other information that will help sales personnel sharpen their negotiation skills. When the participant has completed the program passing all the tests, a certificate of completion is available for download.

Registration Information

To participate in the “Professional Negotiation Skills” training program, click the Create New Account link to log into our E-Learning site and create an account. Once logged in, click the Catalog tab to register for the program. The cost is $290.00 per person, and payment is on-line with credit card using the site shopping cart. If you would like to arrange other payment options, please contact us at (650) 691-9622 or e-mail us. If you have already enrolled and are returning to our E-Learning site to continue the program, simply log in.

A few sample pages from the accompanying “Professional Negotiation Skills” Workbook (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or better)

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