Sales Systems Development, Inc.™ Training Programs
“Professional Sales Negotiation Skills”

Seminar Goals:

The overall goal is to develop and improve the negotiation skills of sales personnel to increase the return on investment on promotional and support dollars spent by the client in the market.

Specific Learning Objectives:

  1. Create an awareness of the impact negotiation skills can have on sales and profits.
  2. Develop the ability to recognize common negotiating mistakes and specific behaviors or tactics to avoid when involved in negotiations.
  3. Understand the clear distinction between negotiation and selling.
  4. Identify the specific behaviors of effective negotiators compared to average or poor negotiators.
  5. Understand the four “negotiation situations” and how the priority given to achieving results compared to building or sustaining relationship affects negotiation tactics and the outcome.
  6. Learn to use five negotiation planning questions to improve key account call, vendor, employee and other negotiation results.
  7. Gain a greater understanding of negotiation “power” and “leverage.”
    1. Forms of negotiating power — assertive negotiation
    2. Role of standards, norms, reciprocity
    3. The “consistency principle”
  8. Be able to anticipated and respond to specific negotiation strategies or approaches.
  9. Learn concession guidelines and how to productively offer and seek concessions from the other party.
  10. Learn how to identify, counter and use eight negotiation tactics.


“Professional Sales Negotiation Skills” is a one or two-day seminar program that places heavy emphasis on role-playing and practice exercises to develop the specific skills of participants. Negotiation case studies and scenarios, which can be customized to the clients business situations are used as the basis for the skill building exercises. Each participant, individually or in teams, will be involved in a number of role-play negotiation sessions each of which focuses on a specific dimension of negotiation skills.

A follow-up test of “Professional Sales Negotiation Skills” content is available to assist participants in checking their understandings and to reinforce learning.

A few sample pages from the “Professional Sales Negotiation Skills” Participant Workbook (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or better)